#26 Let’s all make the U.S. soccer team World Cup…cakes!

#26 Let’s all make the U.S. soccer team World Cup…cakes!

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Okay, so how many of you have seen this incredibly moving video that was created and posted within a few hours of Wednesday’s historic World Cup game?

Amazing, right?

Well, after Saturday’s heartbreaking loss to Ghana, I feel like we need to do something here at Mission Amy K.R. to lift our team’s spirits, and celebrate how far they made it. I have an idea that’s easy, fun, and involves frosting… you with me so far?

Roll up your sleeves everyone, cause we’re making World Cup Cakes!

Some time between now and Thursday at 5:00 pm, just bake a batch of cupcakes. That’s it. Just bake some cupcakes If you feel like going crazy, decorate them in a Team USA-y way. But here’s the key: send me a photo or video clip of you with your cupcakes. Because then I’m going to take all the photos and film clips, and edit them together into a short film to let our boys know that hundreds and hundreds of World Cup Cakes were made in their honor, and that we have a “a sweet spot” for them.

And if you don’t feel like baking, you can totally still participate by just going to your favorite local bakery or grocery store and taking a photo/film clip there!

Please include your name and city with contribution. Send to missionamykr@vocalo.org

And feel free to plus this idea by sharing thoughts (and recipes?) in the comment section.

off we go!