#33d Signs of welcome

#33d Signs of welcome

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Welcome Home (image by Mark)

Right now, Amy is on a plane flying home from her conference in New York.

Whenever I fly anywhere, I always wish for a grand arrival. Here’s what I imagine: Mark glides down an escalator toward a crowd of happy welcomers who hoist him on their shoulders then set him upon the baggage claim belt so that he can float along, shaking hands, “We’re all so happy you’re here,” they say. I reply, “Yes, it has been too long.”

In real life, my ride is usually late and my bag is usually the last to come out and the only people waving to me are the cab drivers.

I thought we could take advantage of the fact that this is advertising week and make signs for a grand arrival. (Of course, by signs I mean comments) Since Amy is coming home, you can make a sign for her: “Welcome home Amy!” Or, since many of us will be arriving from work later today, tired but excited for the weekend, we could give ourselves or a loved one the grand arrival we/they deserve.

Here’s mine to my wife:

“Welcome home!‚ Let’s go out for ice cream!”

(Feel free to just say “Welcome Home.” Like Saturday mornings, it never gets old)