#37d Letting go of our f*ck it lists

#37d Letting go of our f*ck it lists

Helium balloons

When my daughter was about 4, she went through a phase where she was always drawing pictures for God. One day she exclaimed, “I know how we can get the pictures and letters to him— we can attach them to balloons and then let them go up into the sky!” Great idea, I said. And so we did. (And oh, I have the cutest photos to prove it.)

Why am I sharing this with you?

Because I was thinking about how to have some closure with this week’s grand mission and all your amazing F*ck It Lists. How can I help ensure that the lists are officially “broadcast” and “heard” and set into motion?…

We attach the lists to balloons and send them up up up to the powers that be!

I figure, no matter which God you believe in, no matter who God really is, he/she will appreciate the gesture, humor, and, most importantly, our collective take-no-crap manifestos.

So at some point today or over the weekend, I am going to get a bunch of helium balloons and attach one list to each balloon: my list, Amy Dickinson’s list, John Williams’ list, Torey Malatia’s list, and your lists (in one curated document). I’ll film it and share with you all next week.

In the meantime, you can do the same with your own list if you’d like.

Think of it this way: we’ve sent the lists all around cyber space this week. Now it’s time to send them around space space! See you back here Monday with a new mission (that we’re all pretty excited about actually)…


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