#8 This week’s mission: ‘March Forth’ on March 4th!

#8 This week’s mission: ‘March Forth’ on March 4th!

The first day of this new month has inspired this week’s mission. In a word:


It’s a tidy noun and verb all in one. As a noun it calls to mind spring and beginnings, and as a verb it’s a direct call to action.

So, here’s what what we’re going to do here:

1. We all have something we keep saying we want to start (taking a class; writing that novel; joining a gym; creating and regularly implementing a tradition; learning guitar...). Whatever it is you have been pondering and planning, SHARE it in the comment section. Stating it here (and perhaps getting feedback and go-for-it wishes from our community) just might be the final kick in the pants you need. And make sure you BEGIN that thing by Thursday: MARCH FORTH ON MARCH 4TH!


2. As a playful way to celebrate this concept and mission, I’m going to make a short video of all of you/us MARCHING! So grab your kids, your co-workers, your mate, your school marching band, your Girl Scout troop, your pals, your pet, or even just do it solo… and film your group/yourself marching across the frame from left to right (as in, when watching the film clip, the march is going across the screen from left to right). Send your short clips HERE. But again, do your MARCHING FORTH BY MARCH 4TH.

I will assemble the video and share Friday.

Happy March-ing, everyone…

Off we go!

miss amy k.r.

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED: Fun Marching Forth Results.