A Beginner’s Guide to International Tech Etiquette

A Beginner’s Guide to International Tech Etiquette

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You might personally aspire to leave work at the workplace, but in some parts of Europe there is actual legislation built around a worker’s “right to disconnect.” And in Korea, Wi-Fi is so strong and available that people watch hours-long live broadcasts of other people eating.

This week we’re taking you overseas to learn how people in other countries commune with tech. Consider this podcast your RTW ticket for the world’s tiniest, pocket-sized airplane.

Eleanor Beardsley, Elise Hu, Gregory Warner — if these names get you excited, you might be a nerd. They’re NPR international correspondents who live and report in France, Korea and East Africa. We asked them to share some of their insider knowledge about how tech functions differently in the lives of people abroad. For example, mukbong in Korea. See for yourself:

In the name of discovery, we hope this week’s episode inspires you to do some personal reflection. Does your culture influence how you use technology? Also, look outside of yourself. Here’s a reading list to get you started:



East Africa:

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