Actions Count

Actions Count

We live in a world of technology where a click on a thumbs up icon is a signifier of activity. A retweeting tells the world that we support specific communities or ideas. Commenting on a blog post or an online article counts, on some level, as joining the discussion.

While there is nothing wrong (and everything right) about digital activism, nothing can replace actually showing up and digging in. A FaceBook share will not paint a mural; an Instagram photo of a garden cannot replace planting the seeds.

With that in mind, WBEZ and Chicago Cares is hosting our first ever Day of Service event. Yes - it takes place on multiple days and the culminating performance party takes place in the evening but “WBEZ’s A Coupla Day’s of Service with a Performance in the Evening” just didn’t have the same ring, right?

Unlike the Chef Battle, the Winter Block Party or the Global Activism Expo, this particular event cannot happen without YOU. You are the stars of this particular production and the only requirement is that you register to help and show up ready to work.


Second - SHOW UP

Third - if you do the first two steps, you will be invited to attend a very special Moth StorySlam (THEME: How I Helped) followed by a set by the Blue Ribbon Glee Club at Schuba’s on June 1st. You also get treated to a pint of Goose Island Green Line beer.

So take that first step right now…