Another New Yorker joining CBS 2 anchor lineup

Another New Yorker joining CBS 2 anchor lineup

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Steve Bartelstein

Another news anchor imported from New York is about to be foisted on WBBM-Channel 2. He’s Steve Bartelstein, who was once fired from WABC-TV for sleeping through a news update, and later quit WCBS-TV, saying he felt “tired of this place not appreciating me for what I do for them.”

That’s the word from, which reported Thursday that Bartelstein has been hired as morning news anchor at the CBS-owned station here. That means it’s curtains for “Monsters and Money in the Morning,” the low-rated, four-headed gabfest that’s been airing from 5 to 7 a.m. weekdays since February. Its last day will be Aug. 27.

Bartelstein, who’s said to be in Chicago apartment hunting now, is the latest WCBS alum to land at Channel 2. Kate Sullivan, who’s been morning news anchor at the New York station, joins Rob Johnson here as 5 and 10 p.m. weekday co-anchor next month. Both moves were engineered by David Friend, the WCBS news director who this week was named senior vice president of news for CBS Television Stations.

Here’s more background on Bartelstein, as recounted by NewsBlues editor Mike James:

“Bartelstein joined WCBS-2 in November 2007, six months after WABC-7 axed him for sleeping through a news update. It was the last straw, following several second and third chances that involved on-air spats with his co-anchors, a sexual harassment lawsuit, gossip about late-night clubbing and drug use, and his repeated late arrivals to work. Soon after Bartelstein left WABC, he was diagnosed with testicular cancer. He had surgery and intensive chemotherapy and had recovered to the point where David Friend felt comfortable hiring him on the bounce. Then doctors told Bartelstein there was a chance the cancer had spread to his brain. A few weeks later, his cancer was miraculously gone. Despite the bizarre twists, Bartelstein became a key player at WCBS-2. He anchored weekends, and his work, by all accounts, was flawless. But he also felt mistreated and complained openly about not receiving raises and being denied vacation days. “I can’t put up with someone who doesn’t appreciate me,’ he said, after resigning because his paycheck was accidentally mailed to his home, instead of being at the station for him to pick up.”

Before joining WABC, Bartelstein worked at CNN.