Best news of the week: WTF with Marc Maron comes to WBEZ

Best news of the week: WTF with Marc Maron comes to WBEZ
Best news of the week: WTF with Marc Maron comes to WBEZ

Best news of the week: WTF with Marc Maron comes to WBEZ

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A while back, I started getting this e-mail:

“Hey dude, long time no talk. Do you listen to WTF? The podcast? It’s awesome. Talk to you later.”

After months of stalling, I took the advice of my friends and started listening to this comedic interview show. I started listening and haven’t stopped. It’s fantastic.

And now, thanks to WBEZ, I can listen to interviews in my car, that were taped in a car.

Marc Maron is bringing his wildy popular WTF podcast to the WBEZ airwaves. Starting this Sunday (June 5th), the radio-friendly version of WTF with Marc Maron will start a 10-week run in the Sunday night, 8pm time slot.

Maron is a stand-up comic who has worked for years in comedy clubs, on television and in theater.

In WTF, Maron takes that amazing performing experience and channels it into interviews with other comedians. What we get out of the podcast is unfiltered, uninhibited and unusual access to the minds of funny people. Why? Because comedians seem to like to talk to other comedians. Because Marc has spent so many years backstage with so many different performers, there is a sense of ease that comes through your speakers. It also gets rid of the useless sound bites and banter that comedians usually spit out during other talk shows and appearances.

For instance, if I interviewed Louis C.K., it wouldn’t result in personal stories about his family and long pauses for tears.

Maron uses his personal experiences with the subjects to talk about what they know and how they figured it out. Together.

Marc was kind enough to record a quick video from his garage studio to talk directly to the Chicago audience. It’s exciting to see where Maron tapes his show. Well, one place he tapes his show. He’s done live shows in theaters, from other people’s apartments and from his car.

The radio show is produced by Jesse Thorn and Nick White, of The Sound Of Young America fame.