Curious City best pizza by the slice in Chicago
Maggie Sivit

We went in search of the best pizza-by-the-slice in Chicago

Here are our top 9 recommendations after a weeklong, citywide taste test of pizza joints in the city.

Maggie Sivit
Curious City best pizza by the slice in Chicago
Maggie Sivit

We went in search of the best pizza-by-the-slice in Chicago

Here are our top 9 recommendations after a weeklong, citywide taste test of pizza joints in the city.

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Buena Park resident Rebecca Silverman moved to Chicago from the East Coast 16 years ago.

She likes to tell people Chicago’s got everything New York has — except when it comes to pizza by the slice.

“The one thing I do miss about the East Coast is a place to get a slice of pizza, not a whole pie,” Rebecca said. “I haven’t quite found that here yet.”

So she wrote to WBEZ to ask where to find the best single slice of pizza in Chicago.

We teamed up with our friends at the daily news show Reset to find out. After Reset posed the question on social media, WBEZ listeners sent a flood of recommendations from places all over the city. Our two-reporter team embarked on a weeklong pizza bender to try the nine spots that received the most recommendations. Here they are (in no particular order):

Jimmys Pizza

Jimmy’s Pizza Cafe

This North Side pizzeria polled highest in our informal survey of WBEZ listeners. Jimmy’s has been in Chicago since 2011 and is known for serving classic, New York-style pizza. But they’ve been known to break format and offer fusion slices, like a Korean-inspired pizza with bulgogi.

Neighborhood: Lincoln Square (2434 W. Montrose Ave.)

Style: Classic NY-style, with a thin, crispy crust. Slight char on the bottom. Sauce is flavorful and not too sweet.

Price for a slice: $5

JB Alberto’s

A carry out-only pizza joint serving Rogers Park since 1965, JB Alberto’s offers several types of pizza slices to go: pan, stuffed and thin crust. And the owners claim their 24-inch diameter extra large pie is the “largest delivered pizza” in Chicago.

Neighborhood: Rogers Park (1326 W. Morse Ave.)

Style: Lots of cheese, sprinkled with herbs on top. Crust is on the softer side and somewhat gummy. Sauce is sweet but sparse.

Price for a slice: $3.75 for thin crust, $4 for pan and stuffed slices

JB Albertos

Art of Pizza

Art of Pizza

Art of Pizza has been in the business of making deep dish by the slice for 34 years. This counter service spot is the perfect place to check out if you want Chicago-style deep dish without having to eat a whole pie. Pan, stuffed and thin crust available by the slice.

Neighborhood: Lakeview (3033 N. Ashland Ave.), South Loop (727 S. State St.)

Style: The popular stuffed pizza slice has dense layers of everything: crust, cheese and chunky, herby tomato sauce.

Price for a slice: $4.99 for thin crust, stuffed and pan slices


A staple in Wrigleyville, Dimo’s puts a creative spin on pizza, from an elote pizza to a chicken-and-waffles pie. But what most stands out is its commitment to getting New York-style pizza dough just right.

Neighborhood: Wrigleyville (3463 N. Clark St.), Wicker Park (1615 N. Damen Ave.), Lincoln Square (4647 N. Lincoln Ave.)

Style: New York-style pizza with a chewy crust and classic char on the bottom. Cheese-heavy, in a good way.

Price for a slice: $5


Pizza Lobo

Pizza Lobo

This pizza-and-beer spot boasts a large patio and plenty of specialty pies. Started in 2020, Pizza Lobo sells pizza by the slice at two locations — as well as from a to-go window at the Logan Square tavern.

Neighborhood: Logan Square (3000 W. Fullerton Ave.), Andersonville (5457 N. Clark St.)

Style: New York-style pizza with a crusty, slightly charred bottom. Slices are sturdy but tender, and even the plain slices feel almost artisanal.

Price for a slice: $4 for a cheese slice. (Dipping sauces including fennel aioli and hot honey are available for an additional $1.)


Dante’s has developed a loyal following since its first location opened in 2011. Pies are named after creatures from Greek mythology, and the menu boasts a large selection of vegan pies.

Neighborhood: Logan Square (3028 W. Armitage Ave.), West Town (1936 W. Chicago Ave.)

Style: New York-style pizza slices as big as your head. Charred bottom, crisp but foldable crust. Sprinkled with herbs around the edge. Vegan slices available.

Price for a slice: $5.25


Pizza Friendly Pizza

Pizza Friendly Pizza

Opened in 2020 as a way to feed hungry concert-goers from the Empty Bottle next door, Pizza Friendly Pizza bills itself as “Chicago’s best Sicilian pizza.” There are just a handful of tables inside this pizza joint, but patrons can still order slices directly from the Bottle, which connects to the restaurant via a literal hole in the wall.

Neighborhood: Ukrainian Village (1039 N. Western Ave.)

Style: Sicilian-style, rectangular slices with puffy crust, not much sauce and gooey cheese. Flavors available by the slice include the vegan offering, miso mushroom.

Price for a slice: $4.50 for a burrata slice, the closest they’ve got to a plain cheese slice. (The additional $3 for hot honey dipping sauce is pricey but worth it.)

Fabulous Freddies

This family-owned spot has been serving up casual Italian fare since 1990. Cheese, sausage and pepperoni are available by the slice. It also offers a rotating special slice of the week. (Taco pizza, when we went.)

Neighborhood: Bridgeport (701 W. 31st St.)

Style: Soft, not-quite-thin crust with very little char. Greasy in a good way and generous on the sauce.

Price for a slice: $3.75 ($3.50 during Happy Hour)

Fabulous Freddies


Benny’s Pizza

This counter-service spot serves pizza out of a cozy, mural-adorned storefront. Cheese, sausage and pepperoni available by the slice. When the weather’s nice, sit outside on the swinging benches.

Neighborhood: Pilsen (1244 W. 18th St.)

Style: Medium crust, doughy and soft.

Price for a slice: $4.75

Claire Hyman is the digital and engagement producer for Reset.

Marie Mendoza is WBEZ’s podcast fellow.

Maggie Sivit is Curious City’s digital and engagement producer.