Bulls fans: Please stop ironically cheering for Scalabrine

Bulls fans: Please stop ironically cheering for Scalabrine
Bulls fans: Please stop ironically cheering for Scalabrine

Bulls fans: Please stop ironically cheering for Scalabrine

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I’ve been getting to work a bit earlier now that I’m in the talk show business. And that means that I’m privy to a whole new kind of morning light. I usually get in between 8:30am-9am, but now I’m on the bus around 7am. So the bottom part of the morning sky is still a bit orange. What’s not to like about a half orange sky? Well, it was the visual equivalent of this song, which I quickly pulled up off the phone. Click “play” - and bask in it.

All right, we done with that moment?

Today on Eight Forty-Eight: What kind of GOP is the Illinois GOP? With the primaries under way and the nominees jostling for position, it reminds us that, once again, we may end up with no active role in this presidential nomination process. Our primary is March 20th, which could be waaaaay after this thing will be decided. So if Illinois was up tonight, who would this state choose? Romney? Maybe, but the straw poll back in the fall said Ron Paul. Is it possible that the Illinois GOP is more Tea Party than thought? And what will the GOP voter do with no “Ryan” running? Jim, Jack, George, etc. It’s weird without one.

Anyway, in studio analysis, your calls and former Governor Jim Thompson. Big Jim, waving that big stick. Better listen, Republicans.

B story: Bill Daley is out as White House Chief of Staff. Why? Not because he was doing a poor job, but because he’s moving to run the re-election campaign. So what will Daley’s legacy be? At first glance, the White House was pretty soft under the Chicago native. But then again, the economy is moving up, the Republicans are the bad guys in D.C. and there was this cameo in American history:

C story: Marshall Rosenthal died at the age of 71. I didn’t know him (or even know of him), but the obit paints an awesome picture of his legacy to Chicago.

Weather: Supposed to be 50 degrees today. If this continues (which it might not), we could break a record for least snow ever. Now that’s a record we should have a pep rally for.

Sports: The Bulls won their first of a back-to-back-to-back stretch. And they won so convincingly that back-up Forward Brian Scalabrine got in the game. And of course, the crowd ironically cheered for him every time he touched the ball. And then he shot it and scored and the crowd cheered more than when Derrick Rose dunked it earlier in the quarter. I get it, Chicago. But it’s stupid. Right? And a bit racist. If that were a big, oafy black guy who only played in mop up minutes, something tells me Chicago wouldn’t go crazy for him. I know you’ll argue that, but it’s legit. And furthermore, why are we obsessed with cheering for “the bad player”? Not necessarily cheering, but mocking? You like Scalabrine because a) he’s a great cheerleader, b) he doesn’t really look like a strong basketball player, and 3) we all know he is probably the worst player in the NBA, which makes us laugh. Shall I note a fourth option, Chicago?

Thibs, if you are reading? Time to cut Brian Scalabrine. It’s just getting too ugly.