Burger King twit-hacked; Wendy’s: ‘We have an alibi’

Burger King twit-hacked; Wendy’s: ‘We have an alibi’

WENDY’S: ‘WE HAVE AN ALIBI.’ That was just one rival’s response to the hacking of Burger King’s Twitter account, beginning with a fake tweet that read “We just got sold to McDonalds!”* Bogus tweets deleted by day’s end, followed by “Interesting day here at BURGER KING …”* No prank: OfficeMax, Office Depot could merge.

‘I’VE HEARD ALL KINDS OF CRITICS SAYING THE WHITE HOUSE PRESS CORPS IS WHINING ABOUT A GOLF GAME AND VIOLATING THE PRESIDENT’S PRIVACY.’ But the president of the White House Correspondents Association says “nothing could be further from the truth” in the complaints over reporters’ lack of access to the president during his golf outing with Tiger Woods.
* Indication the president just doesn’t care so much about his image in this second term?
* Big tobacco and anti-cancer activists agree: One part of Obama’s Affordable Health Care Act is not a good idea.

Marco Rubio's fateful sip of water
BOTTLED LIGHTNING. Sen. Marco Rubio’s capitalizing bigtime on that awkward water break during his State of the Union response last week. Slate reports his political action committee has raised $100,000 by selling Rubio-branded water bottles.* Hillary Clinton now available to speak at your next birthday party or bar mitzvah — for “fees well into the six figures.”* Chicago magazine’s Carol Felsenthal: Late jockeying could tilt race to replace Jesse Jackson Jr. toward Ald. Anthony Beale.* Halvorsen accuses NYC Mayor Bloomberg of trying to buy race.

SURE, NOW. NASA and other organizations are scrambling for better ways to detect incoming space-borne objects like the meteorite that hit Russia last week — reportedly the biggest to enter Earth’s atmosphere in more than 100 years.
* Wall Street Journal: Fireball unleashed more than 30 times Hiroshima atomic bomb’s energy.

IF YOU LOVED ‘BUFFY,’ ‘AVENGERS,’ ‘FIREFLY’ … Then be excited. Be very excited. Joss Whedon is bringing Marvel Comics’ super-spy agency S.H.I.E.L.D. to television.
* Whedon previously explored high-tech government agency milieu with “Cabin in the Woods.”

ON THE BRINK OF HISTORY. The Blackhawks could make the NHL record books tonight.
* NFL player arrested on charges of carrying a handgun in luggage at NYC airport.

* To hate exercise?
* To engage in sex with psychopaths?

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