Campaign commercial: The Alderman Ed Bus (53rd) action figure

Campaign commercial: The Alderman Ed Bus (53rd) action figure

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Alderman Ed Bus is officially the chair of the Snow Removal Party. Yep, he created the party to represent those in government who care about snow removal and snow removal only. He also is the only candidate who can boast a shovel-speed of three and a half blocks per hour. Call the Bus hotline if you need help shoveling. But only if you are willing to pay with your vote.

With that said, nobody seems to be paying attention to Bus. Sure, Best Game in Town (WBEZ’s political podcast) interviewed Bus today for this week’s episode, but that hasn’t translated into campaign essentials. Like money.

That’s right, the Bus campaign needs some cash. So instead of hitting up donors, they’ve come up with a new idea. A mayoral candidate action figure. This beauty was made by the Friends to re-elect Alderman Ed Bus Committee (James and Marisol), and it is exquisite. And it can be yours for an endorsement and a nominal fee of $999. The video above does have a swear word. Just FYI.

Quick update: Alderman Ed Bus will have a campaign stop at this week’s Paper Machete, 3pm at Ricochets. He will be answering questions.