Canada Geese Nesting At GSU

Canadian Geese
Canadian Geese

Canada Geese Nesting At GSU

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Governors State University sent out a high-alert email to all staff and students last week with safety tips in dealing with aggressive Canada geese who are nesting on their south suburban campus.

“One of them was covering the eggs and the other one just kinda like walked up on me and just started looking at me and kinda following me.” says Governors State Sophomore Brian Stone says he was chased away from his normal entrance by a protective pair.

Stone lives on campus, but he says he’s stopped walking to class.

“Well now I drive, because I don’t want to get attacked or anything,” says Stone.

Last week’s email, with the subject line - “CAUTION-Aggressive geese, advises students that if they are confronted by a goose they should face it and slowly back away to reduce the threat of attack.”

Get to safety, reads the final piece of advice, far away from the goose.

Here are the warning signs of an attack as sent out by GSU

  • A goose that is likely to attack will begin with being noisy and making hissing noises.
  • The goose will probably also extend its wings to help it appear more fearsome.

Remember that it is always safer to avoid confrontation than to provoke it. The safest action you can perform is to increase your distance from the geese.

Take action:

  • Use a different entrance or sidewalk than you commonly use if you notice geese in the vicinity.
  • Stay at least 30 feet away from geese.
  • Do not stare down the goose, but be sure to know where it is.
  • Do not turn your back; face the goose as you slowly walk away to reduce the threat of attack.
  • Get to safety, well away from the goose.

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