Carol Moseley Braun throws staff under the bus, fails to report it

Carol Moseley Braun throws staff under the bus, fails to report it
Carol Moseley Braun throws staff under the bus, fails to report it

Carol Moseley Braun throws staff under the bus, fails to report it

I spent thissssss much money. (Carol Moseley Braun/AP)

The Chicago Sun-Times and NBC (which means Carol Marin) have a great little story about how mayoral candidate Carol Moseley Braun failed to file proper documentation on how her campaign spent $315k. When pressed, Braun did what any good politician would do, accuse her biggest supporter of screwing up the filing:

“If Billie Paige neglected to do so, it doesn’t surprise; she is elderly and overwhelmed.”

Ooooooh! That might have been the meanest quote in Chicago political history. Not only is she old, but she is incompetent too. Nice, Carol. So let’s get this fight on! Billie Paige’s turn!

“I only wish the Ambassador well.”

Wait. That’s it? Bummer. Billie Paige needs a roast writer. I happily accept. May I suggest better comebacks?

  • Carol, I may be elderly and overwhelmed but at least I have a job.
  • Carol, really? Elderly and overwhelmed. I thought that was our campaign slogan.
  • Carol, I told you repeatedly that you couldn’t spend $50k on socks and blood diamonds. But youuuu wouldn’t listen…

B story: Eight Forty-Eight is doing their Month In Review segment today. Frank Sennett from Time Out Chicago is one of the panelists. He offered up new pledge drive premiums, including a donation level that would give you the opportunity to “wipe that smirk off Kai Ryssdal’s face.”

C story: Skunks! There is a skunk problem in the Chicago area. Insert Blago or Betty Loren Maltese joke here?

Weather: Flood watch on Lake Michigan. Watch the NBC video. Bikers and joggers beware, Lake Michigan is hungry.

Sports: The Chicago Bears host the Carolina Panthers this Sunday. I don’t know why the media isn’t all over this, but this marks the return of Ron Rivera to Soldier Field. Rivera (former Bears D coordinator and player) is now the head coach of the Panthers. So for anyone out there in Chicago that sees this as a gimme game? Watch out. This probably will be a loss. Gosh, can’t wait for the headlines on Monday…

Ditka came out against the new Walter Payton book. He wants to spit on the dude who wrote it. I think Chicago is upset that Walter can’t defend himself, but nobody is upset to hear about this stuff. Here’s my response:

The NBA camps were supposed to start this weekend. Maybe this will work in Derrick Rose’s favor. Give the kid a season to rest his knees. Then he can play three more years. It seemed to work for Urlacher.

The Cubs want Theo Epstein. The Sox want Terry Francona. After watching the final stretch of this baseball season, I would like a non-Boston alternative.

Kicker: Mike Wilson, our Eight Forty-Eight intern, is looking for a new apartment. He thinks he found one, but unfortunately, the landlord can’t make up his/her mind. So they want you to vote on it. The place is nice and spacious, and in the middle the Museum of Science and Industry. So vote him up so he can be the next guy who lives in a glass box while you stare at him hoping that moment will be the one moment where he loses his mind (or takes his pants off). Here’s his entry video: