Chicago Public Media names new CEO

Chicago Public Media names new CEO
Chicago Public Media names new CEO

Chicago Public Media names new CEO

Chicago Public Media announced its new chief executive officer and president. As of May 5th, Goli Sheikholeslami will fill the position.

She worked at the Washington Post for 8 years, part of that time as the vice president and general manager of the digital division. She left the Post in 2010, not too long after helping the paper finish its digital and print integration. Prior to that, Sheikholeslami was senior vice president and managing director of Conde Nast’s

She also held a leadership position at Time Warner, and most recently worked as chief product officer and executive vice president of business operations for Everyday Health, a digital health information platform.

President of CPM’s Board of Directors Steve Baird said Sheikholeslami’s digital background was a plus in the search for the next CEO.

“Her coming in is going to help us figure out how we’re going to play in that game. Which is, are we already there? Are we doing more of the same? More mobile? There’s a whole bunch of issues that are just evolving in that more than almost anything else we’re doing,” he said.

Sheikholeslami will be moving from New York to Chicago. Baird said her newness to the city and public media could be an asset.

“We wanted to get somebody who had a broader view of media. To just look at it as public media or radio is an old style thought process I guess is the way I would put that. And we wanted somebody who was a broader thinker in terms of media,” he said.

There are still a number of leadership positions to fill at CPM, including a programming and content manager. Baird said Sheikholeslami will decide how to move forward in that area.

She officially assumes the role on May 5, and replaces long time CEO Torey Malatia who resigned last year.

In a statement, Sheikholeslami said it will be a privilege to work for CPM.

“I am excited to lead an organization that is recognized both in Chicago and across the nation for its journalistic excellence and deep commitment to listeners and the community,” she said.