Chicago’s gun paradox

Chicago’s gun paradox

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An engraved Colt Python is displayed at the Chicago FBI offices, Thursday, July 22, 2010. Federal and local authorities say the weapons were seized after 23 people were arrested in and around Chicago by undercover officers. More than 60 guns were seized and the defendants charged with various state and federal weapons and drug violations. (AP Photo/M. Spencer Green)
CHICAGO’S GUN PARADOX. Despite bans on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines and no gun ranges, the city has a huge gun problem. A New York Times report has put Chicago at the center of the national discussion on gun safety.
* Times map: Where all those Chicago guns come from.
* Strange days: Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly applauds Times report.
* Emanuel calls Chicago girl’s shooter a “punk.”
* Commentary: Obama should attend victim’s funeral.
* Republican Kirk and Democrat Gillibrand team up for bipartisan federal gun-trafficking bill.
* Gun owner in The New Republic: “The gun-owning community can demonstrate precisely the sort of reasonable public-mindedness of which some believe it to be incapable.”

WE’RE NO. 5! WE’RE NO. 5! A new report says Illinois cell phone customers pay the nation’s fifth highest rates for extra taxes and fees. Indiana’s No. 22. Which state’s customers face the lowest extra charges? Read the full Tax Foundation report.
* Illinois also fifth for number of new wind turbine installations.

* Matt K. Lewis in The Week:Twitter sucks you into small, petty battles.”
* Rebecca Greenfield in The Atlantic:Matt Lewis is following a spam bot.”
* Facebook founder Zuckerberg: Facebook and Google aren’t on speaking terms.

ONE GOAL … is all it took to end the Blackhawks’ record winning streak.

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