Comedian Sarah Colonna has a split personality

Comedian Sarah Colonna has a split personality

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Sarah Colonna talks about working with Chelsea Handler.

Listen to Sarah Colonna interviewed by Steve Edwards on Afternoon Shift

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Sarah Colonna might not be a household name for those who don’t have basic cable, but for people who glue themselves to the E! network, she’s ubiquitous as a writer, featured panelist, producer and star of both Chelsea Lately and After Lately, two of E!‘s most popular late-night shows starring comedian Chelsea Handler.

Because of her work on the self-proclaimed Entertainment Network, you might also think Colonna’s first book Life as I Blow it: Tales of Love, Life & Sex…Not Necessarily in That Order might be all humor and no heart. But her book, which follows a typical narrative of a young woman from the south “trying to make it in Hollywood” gains further depth, as Colonna discusses trying to reconcile her desire for a more traditional family life with an impressive career. In a recent interview, Colonna characterized her book as “really about that struggle to grow up and figure out what to do with your life, especially when you’re already supposed to be a grown-up.”

Her style is straight from the brand of comedy that Handler has made so famous: they’re blondes having fun and they’re not afraid to talk about it. And when reading about when they first met as 20-somethings in Hollywood, it’s clear exactly why Colonna and Handler ended up being friends and working together.

Colonna was on the Afternoon Shift Thursday talking about her book. Check out her in this favorite moment of mine from an episode of After Lately in December. Here, Colonna talks to James Van Der Beek (of Dawson’s Creek fame) about his eyes.