Community Canning in the Depression: A Case Study

Community Canning in the Depression: A Case Study
Community Canning in the Depression: A Case Study

Community Canning in the Depression: A Case Study

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Deanna Pucciarelli delineates Ball Corporation’s role in food assistance to Muncie residents during the Depression, looking at the public projects that the corporation led and the involvement of the community.

Ball Corporation established businesses in Muncie as far back as 1888 and had become synonymous with canning. The company employed a large proportion of the Muncie workforce in its various factories and played a significant role in daily discourse.

Most households in suburban Muncie grew vegetables in their backyards. To help ease food cost burden to families, Ball Corporation set up community canning operations so that backyard garden produce could be canned for the winter. Ball Corporation also provided company land for apartment dwellers to grow food in community gardens.

Deanna Pucciarelli, is Assistant Department Chairperson and Assistant Professor in the Department of Family and Consumer Sciences, Ball State University, Muncie, IN. Dr. Pucciarelli’s research projects include investigating environmental determinants to human food consumption patterns. Another area of investigative interest is food history. Dr Pucciarelli teaches a course on food and culture with an emphasis on understanding the relationships between food consumption and socio-political influences.

This event was recorded as part of the Greater Midwest Foodways Alliance Fourth Annual Symposium “Midwest Eats! Foodways of the Great Depression,” which focuses on the Great Depression’s impact on our culinary traditions.  Other events from this symposium recorded by Chicago Amplified—listed in the order they were presented—are as follows:

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Recorded Saturday, April 30, 2011 at Kendall College.