Congratulations, Mayor… um… Bloomberg

Congratulations, Mayor… um… Bloomberg

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Mayor Bloomberg, by Boss Tweed, on Flickr (2009)
WELCOME TO CHICAGO, NEW YORK’S 6TH BOROUGH. The woman most likely to replace Jesse Jackson Jr., representing Chicago’s South Side in Congress, is State Rep. Robin Kelly — the winner of yesterday’s Democratic primary and the choice of New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, whose political fund spent millions to help her win.
* The Nation: Defeated candidate Halvorsen “undone by her association with the NRA.”
* Jackson Jr. reportedly writing memoir to “clear up his legacy.”
* Democratic congressman goes medieval on Fox News’ Sean Hannity.

‘BANNING CONCEALED-CARRY ON PUBLIC BUSES AND TRAINS … BASICALLY MAKES IT IMPOSSIBLE FOR A PERSON WITHOUT A CAR TO EXERCISE THE RIGHT OF SELF DEFENSE WITH A FIREARM.’ The Tribune‘s Eric Zorn: “I get why so many folks don’t want more guns on trains (I say more because there surely are already quite a few guns on trains), but …
* Illinois House OKs limits on right to carry concealed weapons.

PAPER! HEY, GET YER PAPER! Tribune Co. is exploring the possibility of selling its newspapers — including the one from which it gets its name.
* North Carolina newspaper editor who received threats after requesting gun-permit information on county residents is quitting.
* Universities of Missouri and Nebraska are teaching journalism students how to operate drones.
* How many recent college grads are really living back with their parents?

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INCOMING. A newly spotted comet may slam into Mars next year.
* “Nation buster” asteroid could clobber this planet in 2036.
* Stephen Colbert:Can we lubricate the earth in any way?

WANT MORE TWITTER FOLLOWERS? Georgia Institute of Technology researchers who analyzed the reactions to half a million tweets say one key is to follow the “Rule of Thumper.” They conclude: “Expressing negative sentiments in tweets is the second most harmful factor to growing a Twitter audience.”
* Is Twitter worth $10 billion?

RED, RED ROBIN. History repeats itself this week: Robin, the Boy Wonder, will die in the pages of Batman comics.
* TV’s Robin, Burt Ward: “It’s a terrible choice.”
* 8 ways comics characters have come back from the dead.
* “Fantastic Four” set for movie reboot with script polished by author of Pride and Predjudice and Zombies and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.
* University of Connecticut Dean of Liberal Arts and Sciences (an expatriate Chicagoan) on “Downton Abbey”: “The plot makes it unwatchable.”

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