Curious City Live!

Curious City Live!

Join us on Monday, March 23rd at 7:00pm at Lincoln Hall for Curious City Live!, the third in a series of live WBEZ podcast tapings.

Fecal matters! 

A live event featuring two questions posed to WBEZ's Curious City team about one of life's most important considerations: poo! Learn what happens to poo at the zoo and what it tells us  about our feathered and furry friends. Then, learn what happens after you flush at home and where everything ends up. (It's way more complicated -- and interesting -- than you ever thought.)

Colorful, kid-friendly visuals, and music presented by WBEZ, plus a visit from the Lincoln Park Zoo's "Feces Save Species" crew. 

First 100 people get a complimentary New Belgium Slow Ride Session IPA!

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