Dahl says he’s sorry for caring about Radio Hall of Fame

Dahl says he’s sorry for caring about Radio Hall of Fame

Steve Dahl

Though many find his exclusion from the National Radio Hall of Fame hard to fathom, legendary Chicago radio personality Steve Dahl insists that he no longer cares and that he’s relieved not to have to “attend some sort of geekish ceremony in November.”

On Wednesday, Dahl lost out in the “local or regional — pioneer” category to Ralph Emery, a country music personality. It was Dahl’s third time on the Radio Hall of Fame ballot.

In a comment posted on his blog later Wednesday, Dahl wrote the following:

“Not making the Radio Hall Of Fame with Howard Stern is way cooler than making it with Terri Hemmert. Not that Terri would let me make it with her, anyway. It would sort of be like making out with the Steve Dahl who let myself go. I really don’t care about being in a HOF that doesn’t even exist. Even if it did exist, I wouldn’t really care. I don’t like losing, but I am even more pissed off that I allowed myself to get caught up in even the slightest bit of campaigning for it. I shouldn’t have put the voting slide up at dahl.com, and I shouldn’t have let that fan start a Facebook fan page for it either. I appreciate any and all efforts on my behalf, but I really don’t care, and am relieved that I don’t have to attend some sort of geekish ceremony in November. What really concerns me is the State of Illinois (Pat Quinn) giving the so-called Museum of Broadcasting $6,000,000 (six million dollars!) of taxpayer money to be built. We are broke! Our first priority as a state should not be a stupid fake Radio Hall of Fame. Aren’t there orphans to feed or something like that? As a thrice-failed inductee and a taxpayer, I am outraged! I generate more than 200 jobs a year without any taxpayer help. It figures that Blago had something to do with it too. Perfect!!!”