Daily Rehearsal: A new face on ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’

Daily Rehearsal: A new face on ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’

1. Baliwick and Teatro Luna are presenting a one-night only project entitled North America Now about, what else, the 9/11 attacks. Brian LaDuca and Alex Meda “will explore the subject of North American borders through performances and visual art as well as a town hall panel discussion with local politicians, cultural leaders and artists on current border issues and concerns.” The panel discussion will feature none other than WBEZ’s Alison cuddy, as well as NBC’s Marcus Riley, stand-up comedian Mikey-O and others TBA. Chicago Urban Arts Society co-founder Lauren Pacheco will moderate. They’ll be art all around and a cocktail hour. It’s all September 7.

Michele Ragusa and Timothy Gulan in 'For the Boys'
2.. Read this in your most dramatic inward voice: “It was 1942. The world was at war and Eddie Sparks was on top. Nobody could out-sing, out-step, or out-charm Eddie, America’s premier entertainer…until Dixie Leonard came along.” For the Boys is currently in its world premiere at the Marriott, but you’ve seen this tale before — it’s based on the 1991 Twentieth Century Fox film with Bette Midler and James Caan.

3. The Rocky Horror Show is at Ludicrous Theatre this weekend. Artistic Director Wayne Shaw is a particularly big uber-fan; he says, “We chose Rocky because I have such a strong background with the show. I started seeing it when I was 17 (no I will not say how many years ago that was) and to date I have seen the movie in the theatre 475 times. At one time I belonged to the Rocky Horror Picture Show Fan Club. We are not doing anything “new” with the show. In fact, the stage script has been amended and edited to more closely resemble the movie.. think of it as a homage to the work of Jim Sharmen and his rendition of this classic piece of contemporary musical theatre. Needless to say our version will please the most die hard Rocky Horror movie fan.” It won’t be running through Halloween — you have just until September 17 to see this.

4. Soon, the Bean won’t be the only cloud gate in Chicago. The dance group Cloud Gate of Taiwan is coming to Columbia College in October, as well as opening the Dance Center’s 2011-12 season by performing in their FamilyDance Matinee Series. Each performance during the residency will include words from director Lin Hwai-min, and there will be DanceMasters classes taught by company member Su I-ping. I haven’t spoken to her about it, but I’m guessing our resident dance expert Laura Molzahn will be all over this soon.

Pete Grosz
5. Local Chicago comedy hilarious man person Pete Grosz will be on Curb Your Enthusiasm Sunday night. He’s credited as “Minyan Man #2” on the upcoming episode entitled “Mister Softee.” Congrats Pete! (You may remember him from his years with Second City and guest hosting Wait Wait, Don’t Tell Me!)

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