Daily Rehearsal: Chicago women are funny

Daily Rehearsal: Chicago women are funny

1. Matt Damen and Lupe Fiasco talked to WBEZ’s Tony Sarabia. The duo were in town together for The People Speak, Live!, which had Chicagoans reading from historian Howard Zinn’s work.

2. Bachelorette is at Profiles Theatre, and the movie just closed at Sundance, thus proving that young women who are a mess are in right now. I can’t vouch for how it hits someone who is not in their twenties — it could be revolting — but I found it full of enlightening moments, as well as moments with entirely unrealistic dialogue. There’s some value in being totally uncomfortable because the people in front of you are all over the place.

3. Stage 773 has announced that they are launching a women’s-only comedy festival, along the lines of the Sketchfest. It’s called Chicago Women’s Funny Festival, and will run from June 4 to 10. They say they’re looking for “Anything from stand-up, sketch, improv, burlesque, musical-comedy, and much much more. As long as you’re a chick!” Hmm…

4. The city is pushing to get citizen opinion on what kinds of arts and culture initiatives it should take on. Attend a town hall meeting, give your thoughts (and ask them how some of this stuff will get done with all those staffing cuts).

5. If you were an art student, you played the game Exquisite Corpse and loved it. Now you can see it live from Claymore Productions the second Saturday of every month, starting now (it’s February, woah). They say “Exquisite Corpse is an entertainment event. It is the only place in Chicago to get a monthly mix of short films, comedians, music and the best new talent on the sketch comedy scene.” Um, so that’s probably not true, but still, excellent idea.

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