Daily Rehearsal: Mike Daisey and Ira Glass bring ‘Steve Jobs’ to the Chicago Theatre

Daily Rehearsal: Mike Daisey and Ira Glass bring ‘Steve Jobs’ to the Chicago Theatre

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1. “It Gets Better for Steppenwolf Audiences” because they’ll get to attend a discussion following the March 9 performance of fml: how Carson McCullers saved my life that features Dan AND Bill Savage.

2. Guerra: A Clown Play, by Seth Bockley, Devon de Mayo and Mexico City-based Artús Chávez will be at the Pritzker Pavilion March 22-24. “The play, with clowns speaking English, Spanish and French, is a satirical war epic about man’s inhumanity to man, exemplified by a group of selfish, short-sighted and very human clowns who decide to go to war.”

Mike Daisey
3. “Due to Visa Issues, (never a good way to start a sentence) Grupo Cultural Yuyachkani’s Engagement Has Been Cancelled.” The Chicago performances of Antígona (Antigone) by Grupo Cultural Yuyachkani (Yuyachkani Cultural Group), a Peruvian theater company, have been postponed indefinitely. They were scheduled for the weekend of March 8 at the Cultural Center.

4. Just days after A Red Orchid announced they were doing a one-off of Mike Daisey’s The Agony and the Ecstasy of Steve Jobs, it was announced that WBEZ and This American Life would be presenting the man himself (Daisey) at the Chicago Theatre with a Q & A with Ira Glass after the show. It’ll be Saturday April 7 at 7 pm; tickets are on sale tomorrow at 10 am. “Mike’s full show is a very different experience from what we put on the radio,” says Glass. “For starters, there’s an entire story line about Steve Jobs that we didn’t touch. Add to that the pleasure of seeing Mike joke and sweat and spin this amazing tale in person—I loved this when I saw it on stage and I’m so excited to bring it to Chicago.”

5. I’d love to wax poetic about this nice look at Porchlight’s A Catered Affair, but I’m so distracted by the Reader‘s awesome redesign! Go for either, stay for both.

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