Daily Rehearsal: Riverfront Theater, in a climate-controlled tent

Daily Rehearsal: Riverfront Theater, in a climate-controlled tent

1. Photos of the Uptown Theatre are featured in a new photography exhibit at the Cultural Center, says the Reader.

2. Randall Colburn offers some much-needed advice to those unaccustomed to working with a playwright. “I’m not the kind of playwright who goes to rehearsals constantly,” he writes. “It’s important to let the director, designers, and actors do their thing without some scarf-ensconced a**hole hanging around, smoking his pipe, and sighing resignedly when you mess up a line.” Colburn wrote Hesperia, in case you missed that — and this post is very funny.

3. Cirque Shanghai is coming back to Navy Pier this summer with a magnificent new show; it’ll be called Cirque Shanghai: Year of the Dragon. It’s billed as an “exclusive U.S. engagement.”

A mock-up of the new Riverfront Theater tent

4. If you like being outside and you like being entertained and you agree with Kelly Kleiman that outdoor summer theater can be sort of a mixed bag, fear not! Riverfront Theater is upon you, in a 22,000 square foot temperature-controlled tent (70 feet tall) on the Chicago River and a whole season of performances, in conjunction with the Chicago Tribune Freedom Center. They’ll open May 30 with The Twelve Tenors; then, Dancing Queen; Spirit of the Dance; La Soiree; Rocket Man and Man in the Mirror. Tickets on sale April 20.

5. Do you think you’ve seen Little Shop of Horrors? Think again, says Bob Bullen.

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