Daily Rehearsal: Starkid Starkid’s again

Daily Rehearsal: Starkid Starkid’s again

1. Woody Allen might be one of the few who can just start a show on Broadway, with no out of town tryout. He’s set to bring the stage version of his 1994 movie Bullets over Broadway, reports the New York Times. And they remind us, in case you’ve forgetten, that his Midnight in Paris is up for several Oscars this Sunday. (Though I guess if it hadn’t opened on Broadway that’s be a bit awkward.)

2. Team STARKID is at it again; they’ve have HOLY MUSICAL B@MAN! at the Hoover-Leppen Theatre at Center on Halsted in Boystown. It opens in previews March 16. They still like their superheroes, they do: “Holy Musical B@man! features the world’s most beloved superheroes and be-loathed villains in a way they were never meant to be seen - singing and dancing! After witnessing the murder of his parents, a young billionaire makes a solemn vow to dress up like a bat and wage a oneman war on crime! But when this solitary savior realizes that ‘one’ is the loneliest number to wage a war with, he’ll set out on a musical adventure to rescue the city - and find a super friend.”

3. Paramount Theatre has released their 2012-13 line-up. What to expect? Grease, Annie, The Music Man and Fiddler on the Roof. So, nothing shocking, but that’s how they do. Grease starts in September, and Executive Director Tim Rater says “While we will continue to challenge ourselves to raise the bar artistically in season two, we are committed to offering subscribers the same deal at the same price as our introductory offer in season one.” And two of these shows will have the same director; Rachel Rockwell is behind the helm of Annie and The Music Man.

4. Profiles Theater has extended Bachelorette to a nice and hearty April 29.

5. And Million Dollar Quartet — which is in it’s FOURTH year in Chicago — will go on until September 2, 2012. Don’t wait until Labor Day.

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