Early release for John Green’s latest book

Early release for John Green’s latest book

This is pretty cool.

Not long ago, John Green, author of such YA novels as Looking for Alaska and Paper Towns and a household name for households with 15-year-olds, tweeted the title of his upcoming (and unfinished) novel and a few of its details.

That day, the book, which wasn’t due out until next spring, shot to No. 1 on Amazon and BarnesandNoble.com. The whole story of his crazy day is chronicled by the Wall Street Journal here.

Now, his publisher has just announced that it’s pushing the book’s release up to Jan. 10. And John writes on his site, “I’ll be signing every copy of the 150,000 first printing, which is gonna take a while.”

John, who lives in Indianapolis and is from Florida, called Chicago home for many years and, I wouldn’t be surprised, if he does again someday. He’s appeared twice on The Interview Show, including the first-ever show. That show wasn’t videotaped (someday we’ll re-create it with puppets), but his next appearance was. And here it is …