Evanston City Council Lifts Ban on Raising Chickens

Evanston City Council Lifts Ban on Raising Chickens

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The Evanston City Council has lifted a ban on owning an animal not common in urban settings. Residents can now raise chickens.

If you’re one of the Evanston residents hoping to raise chickens in your backyard, you better get your application in early. Only 20 coops are allowed at one time and even then, residents face a six-chicken limit.

Evanston Alderman Delores Holmes says her constituents had a lot of concerns.

HOLMES: The smell, the drawing of rodents and the diseases that can come from chickens.

But Alderman Mark Tendem says residents would be raising these chickens for food and are required to keep it sanitary.

TENDEM: The notion of producing and knowing the origin of one’s food source is really what it’s all about.

Tendem adds the ordinance only allows hens to be raised. So don’t expect an early morning rooster calls.