Facial Feminization Surgery: What Makes A Face Feminine?

Facial Feminization Surgery: What Makes A Face Feminine?

Renee Baker is pictured before facial feminization surgery. (Photo courtesy of Renee Baker)

Have you ever thought about what makes a face feminine?

According to one of the surgeons who pioneered facial feminization surgery, what makes a face feminine isn’t easy to define.

“We hear beauty is only skin deep; it’s not,” Spiegel says. “It has to do a lot with the bones. When we change the face, I need to change the bones. And then the skin is almost like clothing. If a woman puts on a man’s shirt it still looks like a woman…. so the skin, if it sits on the right way on the facial structures, we start to get the right cues.”

As Lauren Silverman from Here & Now member station KERA in Dallas reports, that can make it tricky for people in the transgender community thinking about having surgery. She speaks with Spiegel and Renee Baker, a transgender woman who traveled from Dallas to Boston to receive the surgery.