Freaky Friday meets Frisbee Friday

Freaky Friday meets Frisbee Friday

ghost busters(source: Color Me Katie Blog)

First, Frisbee Friday…

I happily toss this your way:

Color Me Katie blog

Be sure to scroll down and watch the “Ghost Busters at New York City Public Library” and below that, her beautiful shadow people project…

Now, a new thing...

I’ve long been fascinated by coincidence and serendipity. (It’s hard not to be intrigued by that sparkling duo, don’t you think?) I’ve been cooking on a mission idea around this subject, and I thought I’d first open up the floor (comment section) and hear about YOUR most powerful moments involving coincidence and/or serendipity.

This would be the Freaky Friday part. :)

Before you comment and dash away, I want to say thank you all for making this week’s Quote Book Mission into something so big and good and lasting. I’m editing/designing it now and hope to have it ready for you bright and early Monday. Remember, if you’d like one (sent free to your cyber door) email us at