Frisbee Friday: Aromatic creations

Frisbee Friday: Aromatic creations

For this week’s Frisbee Friday, I’m (oh so gently!) tossing these small glass vials your way…

I’ve long been a fan of CB and his aromatic creations and consider them art more than perfume. Indeed, I keep four of them out on a centrally-located shelf in my home and enjoy passing by the line-up multiple times a day (and of course occasionally opening them up and savoring the scent). My favorites? “Memory of Kindness,”In the Summer Kitchen,” and “The Experience of Gathering Apples.”

CB “I Hate Perfume

As for our mission this week, I’m going to let our Imagine Nation continue to grown, unfold and develop. I can’t believe all the amazing ideas you’ve contributed already. I think we are onto something big and special and don’t want to close shop on it just yet.

(But per always, I will see you back here with a new mission on Monday.)