Frisbee Friday: dedicating my little ‘j’

Frisbee Friday: dedicating my little ‘j’

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I have a small tattoo on my ankle, a single letter in purple ink. It’s a lowercase “j.” And it stands for my husband Jason. Today (oh, is this okay Jason?) I’m dedicating my little “j” to three other J men:

Our very own‚ Justin Kaufmann.

John Williams.

John Green.

They were all great supporters of yesterday’s 4:29 texting mission and helped spread the word in a major way via their respective audiences and throngs of listeners/followers. Anyone who knows how and cares to track these things, can see that much of the exciting internet chatter leading up to 4:29 pm yesterday can be traced back to these three gentlemen. They literally helped spread the love.

And so for today’s Frisbee Friday, as a small token of my immense gratitude (cause really, these guys have been good to me in so many ways over the years…one of them is responsible for every single thing I’ve ever created at Chicago Public Radio; two of them appear in The Beckoning of Lovely), I’m tossing the following links your way. Justin, John, and John are all freakishly talented and accomplished — yeah, like you need me to tell you that.

Justin Kaufmann is the founding writer and performer of Chicago’s best above-ground sketch comedy group, Schadenfreude. You haven’t experienced funny until you’ve been to one of their shows and/or watched all of their YouTube films.

John Williams has a radio show of the same name on WGN, every weekday from 9:00-1:00 pm., on which he is brilliant and engaging. Additionally, he’s tall and nice.

John Green is the‚ author of (some of my all-time favorite books) “Looking for Alaska,” “Abundance of Katherines,” “Paper Towns” and the brand new‚ “Will Grayson, Will Grayson.” Because he is able to write while he is sleeping, he is also the co-founder/creator of the YouTube phenomenon‚ Vlogbrothers, Nerdfighters, and everything related to DFTBA (don’t. forget. to. be. awesome.).

I’m holding up my ankle to you three today!

And thank you everyone everyone everyone! for the love-blast at 4:29 yesterday.

Mission accomplished,