Good Friday indeed: Zorn v. Rahm, Madigan v. Snoop, Pacers v. hair metal

Good Friday indeed: Zorn v. Rahm, Madigan v. Snoop, Pacers v. hair metal
Good Friday indeed: Zorn v. Rahm, Madigan v. Snoop, Pacers v. hair metal

Good Friday indeed: Zorn v. Rahm, Madigan v. Snoop, Pacers v. hair metal

Hunks? I will have to see them before committing (Flickr/JanetandPhil)

The Blagojevich Trial II: The Legend of Curly’s Gold has started with a bang, but reported with a whimper. The media is acting like the LA Lakers: We’ve been there before. Instead of getting amped up from opening tip off (jury selection), we are holding back ‘til the big stories come in. Maybe this is better for the consumer, but I do think that there are some stories in jury selection that merit big headlines. Like perhaps, that Judge Zagel told potential jurors that it was okay to dislike or have a preconceived notion about the defendant. Um, really? I thought that was the whole point of jury selection? Doesn’t the whole premise that Blagojevich is doing a media blitz to corrupt the jury pool go out the window if the judge changes the rules? Hmmm, I don’t know. If Blagojevich loses and it becomes known that jurors had it out for him at the start, what’s to say that we will just be doing this over again next year?

B story: If you are a consumer who just doesn’t want Blago coverage yet and need a good diversion, I have two for you this morning. First up, Lisa Madigan vs. Snoop Dogg. And if attorney general’s aren’t your thing, turn the channel over to Zorn vs. Rahm. Once these skirmishes end, the Blago trial will be at closing arguments.

C story: Feder has a one-on-one with Ann Marie Lipinski, former editor of the Chicago Tribune. Lipinski, a Chicagoan, is taking a job at Harvard. Lipinski left as the Sam Zell era began and is still considered the last great Tribune editor. Today, if you say you edit the Tribune, people want to know if you have a dildo attached to your head, or, even worse, are responsible for Chicago Now. In the article, Lipinski says she needs an editor. Not to edit her daily functions, but to help her answer questions and solve problems. That’s what editors do, they curate and cull the news of the day to present to Chicago, because consumers have no time. She goes even further to say she ‘craves’ an editor. Really? I crave chicken wings. And honestly, if a chicken wing told me what was in the news, I would listen.

D story: Mayor elect Rahm Emanuel has hired a new Commissioner Of Chicago’s Department Of Human Resources. So does that mean Soo Choi is going to making policy for HR issues for Chicagoans or will she be the HR person for all city employees? I just need to know who to send my vacation request to.

E story: Today is pretty holy. And awesome for drivers. Nobody was in the Loop today. Which led me to mutter under my breath, “It’s a Good Friday indeed.”

Weather: Rainin’ down! I’ll bet it gets really nice out this weekend. And I’m not even looking at the forecast. That’s just gut.

Sports: The Chicago Blackhawks have turned on the ole 4WD and have climbed out from their 3-0 hole by winning Game 5 in decisive fashion, 5-0. Are you kidding me? The Hawks played dead for the first three games and the last two games have played like Stanley Cup champs. They have all-pro Canuck goalie Roberto Luongo paying for double therapy sessions today. Unbelievable. So what caused the wake-up? Was it Coach Q making adjustments? Was it a sick need for intensity (dropping first three for sport) or was it possibly the vicious hit that the Canucks put on Brent Seabrook at the UC in the Canucks Game 3 victory? Remember, folks, this is the NHL. 3-0 comebacks are now all the rage (thanks to the 2010 Philadelphia Flyers).

And the Bulls? I know I wrote about how Tyler Hansbrough was ugly, then I apologized for that cheap shot. But today, I would like to amend my cheap shot. Tyler isn’t ugly, but his play is. Hansbrough and his thuggish Indiana Pacers have gone from “We can beat these guys” to “We should beat up on these guys.” Truth is, Pacers, you aren’t very good. And the mark of a not-very-good team is to get chippy (See ’90s Knicks, ’90s Heat). Now, my question is really more for the coach. Vogel is a interim coach fighting for a job. And when you can’t win because you are overmatched and outcoached, you cheat. Just remember that the street goes both ways, fellas. If I were Thibs, I would just put Kurt Thomas in the starting lineup on Saturday and bust open Jeff Foster and Tyler Flopsbrough’s noggins. But luckily, I’m not the coach.

Also, what’s with the ‘80’s hair band music used during the time outs at the Canseco Fieldhouse? During the final minutes of the game, you heard Poison’s ‘Nothin’ But a Good Time’ and Motley Crue’s ‘Kickstart My Heart.’ Indy, that’s your pump-up music? I can understand Crue, but Poison? And you wonder why you can’t finish games.

Kicker: Finally, for your early Easter basket, KQED in San Francisco has pioneered a new idea: a web-stream during the pledge drive that is pledge drive free.