Hackers hit government site, threaten ‘chaos’

Hackers hit government site, threaten ‘chaos’
U.S. Sentencing Commission website hacked ZDNet
Hackers hit government site, threaten ‘chaos’
U.S. Sentencing Commission website hacked ZDNet

Hackers hit government site, threaten ‘chaos’

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Four things (plus!) for Monday, Chicago:

‘THIS TIME THERE WILL BE CHANGE, OR THERE WILL BE CHAOS.’ That’s been the warning from the “hacktivist” group Anonymous over the weekend, as it took control of the U.S. Sentencing Commission website — not once but twice, the second time turning it into a version of the old arcade game “Asteroids” — to protest what it calls a “twisted and distorted perversion of justice,” which it blames for the suicide of Chicago-born Internet activist Aaron Swartz.
* New rule outlawing smartphones’ unlocking (so they can be used on other carriers) is “The Most Ridiculous Law of 2013 (So Far)” — The Atlantic.
* Facebook could kill the phone as we know itGigaOM.

‘PUBLIC BROADCASTING FINALLY SACKS UP AND HIRES A REAL MAN WHO WILL TELL THE TRUTH ABOUT OBAMA.’ Wonkette examines a controversial hire by Georgia Public Broadcasting.
* In one interview, Obama says he might not let his son (if he had one) play football.
* And in another, he and Hilary Clinton get along “like an old and happily married couple.”

PEOPLE ARE PISSED OFF.’ An insider says CNET staffers aren’t swallowing parent company CBS’ decision to ban coverage of products targeted for legal action by CBS.
* New WBEZ ad campaign urges listeners to “Make Babies” — for the “2032 Membership Drive.”
* Nice emails sent by the moms of the reporters who cracked the Manti Te’o story.
* Departing New York Times editor takes 75,000 Twitter followers with him.

YOU’LL GET A CHARGE … A legal settlement between credit card companies and merchants means that, as of yesterday, sellers are free to tack up to 4 percent extra onto your purchase price if you choose not to pay with cash.

* See that Comments space below?
It’s waiting for you to weigh in. What about those Anonymous guys? Are they heroes, or just vandals? Should the president get busy and have a son? Should he let him play football? Wouldn’t it be nice to see a young Barack Obama Jr. ante up for WBEZ’s 2032 Membership Drive?
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* Soundtrack for preparation of this issue: WBEZ’s 2001 interview with Aaron Swartz, then a visionary 14-year-old.