Here’s how MISSion Amy K.R. works

Here’s how MISSion Amy K.R. works

Amy creates and posts a new “mission” each week, and waits for the world to chime in. Missions are always interactive, always easily doable, and always excruciatingly earnest.

“This content is really resonating with people from all over the country. There’s a real sense of bringing people together. Amy is creating new and unique missions every week. It’s masterful.”
Justin Kaufmann, Senior Content Developer, WBEZ Chicago Public Radio / Vocalo

“Her participatory use of the web has become a riveting and affirming celebration of the good in people. And in a real — beyond virtual — sense of community.”
Torey Malatia, President, WBEZ Chicago Public Radio / Vocalo

Here are a few mission examples:

ATM = Always Trust Magic Going Nowhere Fast Together Cartwheels with the Universe 4:29 pm …

Synchronized Flash Texting

Toll-Free Wishing L i n e

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