How Will the Coronavirus Affect Schools? 2020-03-05

How Will the Coronavirus Affect Schools? 2020-03-05

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How Will the Coronavirus Affect Schools?

Some countries have already shut school doors and sent all students home to wait out the virus. Can closing schools help contain this outbreak?

As October Deadline Approaches, U.S. Residents Scramble to Get Real IDs

U.S. residents will need a Real ID, or another form of federally compliant identification, to fly domestically or to enter federal buildings starting this October.

In Developing Countries, Space Programs Take Flight

Countries like Ethiopia, India, Angola, and South Africa have begun launching objects into space.


UC Santa Cruz Graduate Students Fight for Higher Wages

Graduate students at the University of California at Santa Cruz are striking for higher wages. Last Friday, the university responded by firing dozens of the students.

Obama Era Policy Made Surge in Deportation of Cubans Under Trump Possible

The Obama administration’s decision to end the decades-old wet foot, dry foot policy paved the way for the rising numbers of deported Cuban nationals.