It’s here! The Mission Amy K.R. Quote Book [volume one and only]

It’s here! The Mission Amy K.R. Quote Book [volume one and only]

Last week, readers of Mission Amy K.R. were invited to share their favorite life quote. Essentially crowd sourcing through the comment section, we were able to gather, curate, produce and–as of this moment now–distribute this one-of-a-kind Quote Book….in the span of one work week! (May we pause and marvel at the power and potential beauty of the internet…)

It is my hope that this carefully assembled collection will act as a beacon and help light the way. Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to contribute.

Now available worldwide! MissionAmyKRQuoteBook (first click here for booklet document)

Once you have the booklet document on your desktop, here’s how to print it out:

1. choose and print Page 1 of the PDF document. (only Page 1)

2. When you have Page 1 in your hands, load it back into your printer so that you can print on the back of that same piece of paper.
3. now choose and print Page 2 of the PDF document. (again, only page 2)
4. continue this same way by printing Page 3 and Page 4 back-to-back on the same piece of paper … and again with Page 5 and Page 6.

**Note: While printing, ignore the page numbers that are typed within the Quote Book. These will serve as the actual page numbers for the final book. At the moment, you are just paying attention to the page numbers of the PDF document.

5. You are a few seconds away from completion. Now it’s time to fold your Quote Book.
You will have three pieces of paper, all with printing on both sides. Just fold the sheets in half and put them in order according to the page numbers printed on the bottom…and obviously begin with the front cover, end with back cover.
Done! Make one for yourself, give some as gifts, hand out on the bus…whatever suits your fancy.