L.A. Group Heads to Chicago to Weigh in on Immigration Debate

L.A. Group Heads to Chicago to Weigh in on Immigration Debate

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A Los Angeles-based group that wants tougher immigration laws is coming to Chicago this weekend.
Choose Black America leaders say illegal immigrants negatively affect African Americans. Choose Black America is part of FAIR, a national organization seeking to improve border security. Chicago Public Radio’s Natalie Moore has the story.


Tonight, Choose Black America co-chair Terrance Lang will speak at a West Side church.

He’s critical of pro-immigration activists who he says use the mantle of civil rights to support their cause.

Lang blames blacks losing jobs on illegal immigration.

And Choose Black America wants widespread deportation.

Lang also says he feels betrayed by black ministers and lawmakers who support giving legal status to undocumented workers.

Lang says he wants to meet with Al Sharpton’s National Action Network. The reverend has been a supporter of immigrants’ rights.

The Southern Poverty Law Center calls Choose Black America a front group for the white-dominated FAIR, designed to rally black Americans against Hispanic immigration.

I’m Natalie Moore, Chicago Public Radio.