Local Students Hear Obama Speech at School

Local Students Hear Obama Speech at School

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Despite controversy, many local schools played President Barack Obama’s back-to-school address to students. Among those watching were students in a U.S. history class at York High School in west suburban Elmhurst.

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ambi: Obama speech at York

The juniors in Room 396 watched Obama live on the wall-sized white board in their classroom. Controversy around Obama’s speech erupted days ago both here and nationwide, with some parents concerned the address was politicking. In a class discussion afterward, junior Connor Hughes wondered what all the fuss was about.

CONNOR: He tried to inspire those who are uninspired. That was the entire goal of it. And I don’t understand how it was such this… such a problem.

Some students suggested the speech—which urged kids to work hard at their education and set goals—was meant for kids in less privileged communities. Student Amber Furby says she’s glad York students saw it, even though she says she opposes Obama.

AMBER: I think that kids are really distracted today, and I think that we needed this.

York principal Diana Smith says she got complaints from parents on both sides.