LTH Forum site for sale

LTH Forum site for sale

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LTH, the local culinary chat site with a rabid following is up for sale. Peter Daane, one of the site’s founders, has filed a lawsuit against fellow co-founder Gary Wiviott, who apparently owes Daane money from a previous loan made several years ago. Daane said in an email that he “bear[s] no ill will against LTH Forum or anyone involved with the website. I simply would like to see LTH Forum sold for as much as possible so that Gary’s debt to me can be repaid and I can rid myself of this nightmare.”

According to Wiviott, the site has never made any money “and it was never meant to be a moneymaker. It was an enthusiast site,” he said. Wiviott claims like millions of Americans, he did fall on some hard times, and acknowledges taking a loan from Daane. He incorporated the site several years ago and owns Since it was listed as an asset, it is now being made available via a bidding process as part of the lawsuit. “I don’t know if it will sell,” said Wiviott. “I was trying to work out a way to pay him, and now he’s [Daane] making sure it’s as public as possible.”

Wiviott says he’s been paying out of his pocket to keep the site going - a couple hundred bucks a year at least - “but now it’s coming back to bite me,” he said. The site’s Great Neighborhood Restaurant Awards is an annual ritual, bestowing accolades on the mom-and-pops that are too often overlooked by many food writers.

For information on bidding procedures, send an email to: