Mayoral forum: What softball question would you ask?

Mayoral forum: What softball question would you ask?
Mayoral forum: What softball question would you ask?

Mayoral forum: What softball question would you ask?

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This just in: Danny Davis gets the first big win of the election season. His name will be first on the ballot for Chicago mayor. So that’s worth what, 15 percent of the vote? How funny is it that the candidates vie for that top spot and the media makes a big deal. Why? Because I guess the voting public is super stupid.

The blog space will be a little quieter today around 3pm when Steve Edwards (above) & crew (beyond) head over to UIC for a forum featuring the mayoral candidates. Of course, Braun, Meeks, Emanuel and Chico declined (or just didn’t even return calls). But Danny Davis will be there. It is open to the public and you can go down and listen to his dulcit tones and learn more about the other candidates. We will be airing some of the forum at a later date.

I’m not going. But if I were, I would direct Steve to just skip the issues and go straight to the lifestyle questions. Think of it like a Facebook profile. What music do you like? Religious views? Who did you go to high school with?

As a matter of fact, here’s my list of questions for the Chicago mayoral candidates (who are not Braun, Meeks, Chico and Emanuel). Please add in the comment section. I’ll print this out and put it in Steve’s prep.

1. If you were alone on a deserted island and you had to write a message in a bottle, what would that message be?

2. If you won one of those Toys R Us shopping sprees, what aisle would you hit first?

3. If you were Kanye West and you had an upcoming concert - would you play all your new stuff or go with a best-of vibe?

4. Describe what kind of mountain climber you would be.

5. If you had to buy a car tomorrow, what kind of car would you buy and would you consider leasing?

6. What color is your parachute? If it is gold, explain.

7. If you had a cut of fish, some cumin, avacados and orange peels - what would your Iron Chef dish be?

8. Think fast 9 x 8 = ?

9. You have to get from West Rogers Park down to the Elephant and Castle on Adams in 25 minutes. What route do you take?

10. What is your stand on gay marriage?

Please, add more. Maybe Steve Edwards will ask one at the forum today.