Misery is … Chicago (according to Forbes)

Misery is … Chicago (according to Forbes)
Flickr/Quinn Anya
Misery is … Chicago (according to Forbes)
Flickr/Quinn Anya

Misery is … Chicago (according to Forbes)

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(Flickr/Quinn Anya)

‘CHICAGO: WE’RE NOT AS MISERABLE AS _______’ The city’s new travel slogan is ready. Based on Forbes magazine’s 2013 rating of “America’s Most Miserable Cities,” you could fill that blank with the names of three other cities – Detroit, Flint and Rockford – because Chicago shows up at No. 4.

* Retired general who led military response to Hurricane Katrina: National Guard could help Chicago.
* Search crime data in your community (Tribune interactive database).
* New tourist attractions for Chicago could be up and running within months.
* Justin Timberlake, Jay-Z reportedly headed to Soldier Field this summer.
* Chicago to be home of new American Writers Museum.
* Congress Theater owner plans ambitious renovation.

‘THE AMBULANCE INDUSTRY TAKES IN MORE MONEY EVERY YEAR THAN HOLLYWOOD.’ That’s Steven Brill, author of Time magazine’s “longest single piece ever published by a single writer” – 36 pages on “Why Medical Bills Are Killing Us” – in an extended, online-only Daily Show interview with Jon Stewart.
* Brill’s article wasn’t originally supposed to run in Time.
* FBI declares war on The Scooter Store.


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