Mission #55: Let’s create “The 2011 Overture” together

Mission #55: Let’s create “The 2011 Overture” together
Mission #55: Let’s create “The 2011 Overture” together

Mission #55: Let’s create “The 2011 Overture” together

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Overture is defined as:

1. An instrumental composition intended especially as an introduction to an extended work, such as an opera.

2. An offering.

For my son’s 16th birthday recently, I created a sort of prose-based overture for him. Just as a musical overture at the beginning of a performance gives us a small taste of the musical we are about to hear, the “overture” I wrote for him (essentially thoughts about living) was designed to give him a small taste of what I believe he will continue to encounter throughout his life. And then there was the second meaning of the word, which I really like because it seems to soften the whole gesture: I presented the piece to him simply as an offering, from mother to son.

And it occurred to me that this would actually be a wonderful way for us to kick off the new year here at Mission Amy K.R, by creating a sort of overture together.

Here’s what you do (and then I’ll tell you what I’ll do): simply share (in the comment section below) something you know to be important and helpful and true. It can be a piece of life advice given to you. A quote you keep in plain view on a post-it. An aphorism or anecdote that somehow speaks to you. Anything at all (but keep it to a couple sentences please). Then I will assemble these written offerings into a video, set it to music, and voila! The 2011 Overture” (not to be confused with The 1812 Overture :) as created by and for Mission Amy K.R.


  • Share your chunks of wisdom in the comment section now!
  • Here is the overture/piece I wrote for my son.
  • Beginning this Thursday, I will be starting what I’m calling “Thursday Thingy.” For example, for this Thursday’s Thingy, I will be posting the results of that unusual Questionnaire from before the holidays. And next Thursday I will be posting our Overture video. Other weeks I might have walk-on guest bloggers (many of you expressed a desire for more of this, like when I featured wonderful Rosa here recently). Some weeks I may just offer up my latest favorite find (music, video, artist, etc.).

I’d say that’s enough for our first day back…

Happy Mission Monday and New Year everyone,