Mission #71: Call the Mission Amy KR “Hotline” (Plus new video!)

Mission #71: Call the Mission Amy KR “Hotline” (Plus new video!)

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A few weeks ago, an enthusiastic group of Chicagoans gathered together to cheer on their fellow humans and to bring our “Life is Marathon” mission to life. What shook down was surprisingly rewarding for all involved. Here’s what happened:

So now, in tandem with what you’ve just seen, this week I’d like turn the cheering vibe “inward” and offer up encouragement and kudos to anyone here who might benefit from a little extra TLC (which for our purposes stands for Tender Loving Comment).

WHAT YOU ALL DO NOW: In the comment section below, share something that you’ve been working on or working towards…or maybe something you’ve just achieved (you know, like a personal victory of some sort). Whatever springs to mind, share it. Then, in turn, respond to your neighbor’s comment (the comment “next door” to yours) with encouragement and/or kudos in whatever way you see fit. (Lavish is nice, but sincerity reigns) Who knows how far reaching this give-and-receive chain can be!

AND ONE MORE THING BEFORE YOU GO: To contrast the “big boost” nature of this week’s mission, we’ve also created this “small superficial boost.” :) It just may make your day. It’s called the Mission Amy KR “Hotline.” It’s new. It’s free. It’s HOT!