Mission #79: A salute to you - for what you do

Mission #79: A salute to you - for what you do
Flickr/Will Graham
Mission #79: A salute to you - for what you do
Flickr/Will Graham

Mission #79: A salute to you - for what you do

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(Flickr/Will Graham)

-> If you are a regular Mission Amy KR reader, jump to the MISSION #79 heading just a couple of lines below.

-> If you were escorted here today by a special someone, jump to the WELCOME sign below.



This mission is about paying tribute to someone in your life who is quietly plugging away, day in and day out, doing their thing, enhancing your life and/or the lives of others, but who may not get the ackowledgment that they so deserve - or even be aware that they are wildly appreciated.

Maybe it’s a co-worker. Or a teacher. Or your priest or rabbi or yoga teacher. Or your mail carrier. Or the kind receptionist at that one office building. Or a struggling parent. Or your boss. Or your kid. Or or or or…

So here’s what you do:

1. Read the rest of this post and watch the 1-minute video.

2. Now you know that you’ll want to leave a personal message in the comment section so it’ll be waiting there for that special someone to see. I recommend using their first and last name, or a nickname, so they can easily spot their message.

3. Then “escort” them here by simply emailing them the link to this post. Of course you can reach out to them via Facebook, phone, text, your portal of choice…all that matters is they end up on this page so they can view the video and receive your personal message.

That’s it!

(By the way, I did toy with the idea that you guys could simply email your messages and the video directly to people, but I decided that there was something really nice about escorting/bringing everyone back here to the blog and celebrating these individuals together in a united and open way.)




You were escorted here today because clearly you are making a difference in the lives of those around you. The following 1-minute video is dedicated to you…and we hope you will take the mantra to heart.

After you’ve viewed the video, please be sure to look in the comment section for the personal message written for you by your escortee.

And now, with kudos/without further ado, your video:

Thanks, everyone, for being here.


* * *


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