Mission #90: [ANNOUNCING] The Beckoning of Lovely 11/11/11

Mission #90:  [ANNOUNCING] The Beckoning of Lovely 11/11/11
Mission #90:  [ANNOUNCING] The Beckoning of Lovely 11/11/11

Mission #90: [ANNOUNCING] The Beckoning of Lovely 11/11/11

Ladies, Gentlemen, Boys and Girls…

What you’re about to see is the result of months and months and months of pondering and tinkering. Many of you* have contributed directly and/or indirectly, and I truly thank you.

The following link reveals all. So without further ado, I present to you:

The Beckoning of Lovely 11/11/11

I hope to hear from you this week in the comment section, after you’ve had a chance to view. As always, I’m completely open to your thoughts, suggestions, dreams…

And most of all, I hope we can be together (some physically, the rest in spirit) on 11/11/11. To join (or initiate) a gathering/viewing party in your area, click here.

And btw, I uploaded all the movie trailers to YouTube over the weekend. But I waited to switch it to the live, public setting until late last night, the 11th, at 11:11 pm.




Some very special thank you’s to:

* Everyone here at Mission Amy KR

* Brian Stojak, my main man/manifester

* Ann Krouse for all your help (aka mom)

* Lisa Coughlin for reminding me to make this presentation 11 slides long

* John Green for being there from Day One to Day We-Are-All-One

* Rob Walker for writing about the Flip camera in The New York Times in 2008

Thanks also to those who sent in video clips for the WE ARE ALL ONE trailer:

Bess Hepworth / Australia (and for recruiting so many of your wonderful, international friends)
Anders / Estonia
Solomon / USA
Amysue, Emily and Noah / USA
Abdullah / Saudi Arabia
Sara / South Africa
Keely / France
Terry / UK
Ariana and Tully / Romania
Rachel / USA
Allie / USA
Asbjorn / Norway
Keenu / India
Paris and Flavia / Italy
Yumi / Japan
all the kids from the Democratic Republic of Congo (and Pip for leading them)

And to those at the very end…

Jarred / USA
Dee / Hong Kong
Marie-Claude / France
Dasha and Katya / UK
Katherine / USA
Liz / USA
Heather and Katie / USA
Tea / Denmark