Mission Accomplished: Polaroids by request

Mission Accomplished: Polaroids by request

Dearest Abbey, Tracy, Jason, Emma, Chris, Ann, Lisa, Sarah, Momski, Amanda, Rebecca, Theresa Collins and her Fiction/Poetry class:

I took your photos!

Here is a little slide show we put together of the proposed ideas, and then the accompanying photo results.

(I’m sorry I couldn’t do ALL the submitted ideas… I did my best.)

Price: $4 for shipping

*** and you make a donation to the charity of your choice (any amount that feels right to you) (we’re on the honor system here; I’m not going to ask you about it or anything…)

Just email me which one you want: missionamykr@vocalo.org.

Before we disappear into the weekend, can I just say how much I love what we are all doing here together on this blog? In the span of one simple work/school week, we tossed around ideas and then fully brought them to technicolor life. Makes you think about all that is possible…

Thank you all. And special shout out to Ms. Collins and her cool, open-minded FWP seniors!

keep on,