Monday’s gameplan for ‘Afternoon Shift’: Transformations

Monday’s gameplan for ‘Afternoon Shift’: Transformations

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On today’s show John Lithgow talks about how fame transformed him, Lee Bey talks about how architecture could transform West Garfield Park and Nathan Englander talks about translating the Passover Haggadah. Here’s the rest of the plan straight from director Jason Marck.

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John Lithgow: The prolific stage, TV, and film actor joins us for a wide-ranging conversation about his career and latest projects.

Lee Bey: A look at the architecture of Chicago’s West Garfield Park neighborhood and its potential to be revitalized.

Top news: We’ll talk with our news staff about the top stories of the day.

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UPDATE- Late Breaking Segment: On Saturday, Mayor Emanuel’s office announced that there is a plan to transform the Plan for Transformation. The original plan was instituted over a decade ago by then-Mayor Daley to restructure and rethink public housing in Chicago. The revamp will include input from the public via a website. Ethan Michaeli, publisher of The Residents Journal, joins Steve Edwards to talk about what needs to happen to make this revamp a success.

David Weiner: Environmental blogger David Weiner talks about “greenwashing,” a term that refers to promoting products or services as eco-friendly or “green” when in fact they are not.

Nathan Englander: Writer Nathan Englander discusses his new book What We Talk About When We Talk About Anne Frank and his new translation of the Passover Haggadah.