My new favorite book…best book maybe ever?

My new favorite book…best book maybe ever?

Oh do I have something for you on this Frisbee Friday

This book: The Importance of Living, by Lin Yutang

I don’t know how it possibly took me four decades to find my way to this book. It was worth the wait though, and/or maybe I wasn’t ready for it until now (thank you againPaul Schmid for the introduction).

I started at the beginning, then found myself jumping around (I love the sections towards the end on friendships, tea, and travel), and then after a couple of nights I realized, holy crap, this is like the best book ever… and now I am starting over, reading it slowly and carefully and savor-ishly…with a highlighter because I am compulsive that way.

And speaking of “because”… :)

Cartwheels must be performed and recorded BY END OF DAY TODAY because I am going to make this final cartwheel-filled film for Monday’s post. (along with a new mission…)

Send your cartwheely photos/film clips to

Happy reading, Happy twirling,

amy k.r.