New Boss episode tonight. Bets on how many random boobs we will see?

New Boss episode tonight. Bets on how many random boobs we will see?
New Boss episode tonight. Bets on how many random boobs we will see?

New Boss episode tonight. Bets on how many random boobs we will see?

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With all the talk of adding programming on WBEZ, I’m pitching a new show. It’s called Bustin Justin’s Morning Jamz! Today’s show would be golden (big ups to Steve Harvey for playing this one on the ole morning commute):

The dust-up over the Herman Cain sexual harrassment allegations touched Chicago yesterday, even if the accusations were “baseless.” A Washington Times columnist said that the Cain campaign (or “friends” of the campaign) believe Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel was involved with the information leak to the press. The Emanuel team denied it and the Chicago press actually attacked the writer for having no credible source (i.e. bloggers suck). John Kass even dedicated an entire column to ripping this writer for the loose use of sourcing. The Washington Times isn’t the Washington Post mind you, but I sit back and wait for an explanation. If it does come out that Rahm was involved, will John write a retraction?

Sourcing and properly attributing sources is such a gray area, especially in gossip and news columns (see Sneed). As a matter of fact, if I wasn’t so lazy I would just do a Nexis Lexis search on how many times Mr. Kass used the same “friends” and “sources say” in his illustrious career. I guess we’ll let journalists like Kass get away with it because we have a trust with that news organization. So because no one trusts the Washington Times, this writer is just plain wrong.

This would be a great segment for On the Media, right?

B story: Hey, is anyone still watching Boss? I saw the first two episodes but I don’t have Starz so the Boss train has stalled in the station. I am assuming that is the situation with many Chicagoans who would want to watch the Chicago political thriller. It’s a fantastic show with a complex and complicated plot. It also suffers from random boob syndrome. Starz is notorious (see Party Down) for wanting their programs to show boobs. And in Boss, random boobs show up everywhere. It kind of takes you out of the show a bit.

For instance: That woman who works for Mayor Kane who is screwing the Danny Hynes character works 80 hours a week in dress suits with no bra? I don’t know a lot about it, but I think chafing would be a huge issue?

I have more observations, but I can’t weigh in after only seeing two episodes. I’ve asked Starz to send me the rest of the season so I can give you information about it. I really like the show.

C story: Did you hear me guest-hosting on Vocalo yesterday? Runaways and race relations were the topics. Classic Kaufmann fare.

D story: Is this an episode of Reno 911? It seems like an episode of Reno 911. Cops were called to a Buffalo Grove street after residents complained of a mime…dancing. The police call cited residents “find miming disconcerting.”

Weather: Remember, tomorrow is Daylight Savings. So we gain an extra hour of bar time Saturday night. I won’t be out, but I love the fact that my brethren get an extra hour to throw back two more cocktails at Estelles (or any other 4am bar).

Sports: Supposedly, Theo Epstein has talked with Terry Francona for the Cubs managerial opening. Wouldn’t that be something. Also, normally we would be three games into the NBA season. Over at RedEye, Ryan Smith is simulating the Bulls season on NBA 2K12. He says the Bulls would be 3-0. Holla!!!!

Kicker: Eight Forty-Eight had some friends on today. Mark Bazer was talking about weekend picks and his Interview Show tonight at the Hideout, and Yuri Lane was doing what he does as the human beatbox as part of the Friday DJ series. I can go one step further, here’s Yuri Lane on stage with Mark Bazer. Did I just blow your mind???? Have a good weekend folks.